Hello, this is MD International Advisor. A trusted International advisor.

The international MD consultant has been conducting professional activities under the name LN PAK LLC for the past 4 years. LN PAK is the official representative of governmental and non-governmental organizations in many countries. 

At Unfamiliar Scientific Affirmation, we recognize that our skills are unique to our country and that there are opportunities for alternative approaches in our country. We are the true “heads of destiny, stewards of our hearts and minds”. Not of our origin. Either way, we manage and decide our own destinies.

We never lose faith in the power of your abilities and never stop trying until you embark on a journey of discovering your own abilities.

We have established ourselves as one of the most trusted manufacturers in the top dental and medical education sector. We are one of the leading manufacturers of educational technology, helping more than 5,000 medical graduates realize their dreams. We need to do this for at least 1 million students across Pakistan 

About the team

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Scholarships are also available for overseas students, which are solely based on academic performance and success, entertainment while studying MBBS or MD, financial need, and various factors. The MD International team supports all licensed faculty students in the scholarship program.

Students who need to apply to medical school should contact MD International. Find out about eligibility requirements and requirements, entrance exams, universities, fees, visas, future courses and more. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to advise you on the various options available.

His all-in-one solution for candidates seeking admission to various degrees such as MBBS, MD, Nursing and more.

We are a team of talented and passionate professionals who have helped countless college students achieve their dreams.

Leveraging his 7+ years of business experience, MD International has helped over 7,500 students achieve their ambitions and successfully enter the institutions of their choice in the middle of the world.

Studying abroad increases your chances of getting into top universities in the world. We offer faculty students a chance to enroll in MBBS colleges that pay much lower tuition fees than Pakistan where they undertake similar programs.